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June 24th, 2019 - Jo-Ann

Karina is spot on. Apart from that Karina is kind and helpful and can do amazing things.



June 4th, 2019 - Kiran

Recently I had seen Karina in the hope to connect with my Father (Taaji) who passed away inane 14/2/19. yes, Valentine's Day. 😊Karina made a very accurate and profound connection with my father.
Not only what Karina was saying but the dancing the actions definitely my fathers.
My father was all about love and Karina could see the love crackling not just in that room but expanding beyond out in the world which truly what my father was about.
I am very happy and in the peace of the message relayed to me via Karina.
thank you lovely.. definitely will be seeing you in near future. lots of love and blessings and Big thank you for the awesome work you do.
you truly are using your gift given by God to help people.



February Qld 2019 -Rachael

Thank you so much.

I just wanted to say that after seeing you privately at your place late last year that you have changed my life.


I’m on my journey to becoming more spiritual & believing in the universe's power.

I’m a member of Sarah Prouts Manifesting Academy community & I start a 35 day RTT hypnotherapy course to unblock my mind to endless possibilities with Marisa Peer on the 4th March. I’m also wanting to become an RTT therapist so I can help other people.


So I just want to say a huge thank you for your time that day & waking me up to become a better me.


You are amazing Karina as you helped me believe in myself & know that I can do anything that I put my mind to.

You showed me with your messages & guidance that I can become the person I am meant to be & all things that have happened in my past has taught me a very valuable lesson.

I’m not scared anymore to take those steps, they are small steps at the moment but they are steps going forward.

Your reading has stayed with me & also it’s been that little voice in the back of my mind telling me to take the chance & just do it.

I have become surrounded by like-minded people who support and encourage me.
I feel so blessed & thank the universe that I met you.


Keep doing what you are doing as you are absolutely amazing at what you do & I highly recommend everyone taking the time to connect with you.


Looking forward to seeing you again at Bribie Island for your ‘Joining Two Worlds’ event

Thank you once again, Rachael Roche 😘💜



March 2018 - Trudy, Qld

Looking for a party with a twist, book this lady, she is amazing, today we had a high tea party with the medium lady in red, what an amazing experience. 


The connections were strong. My grandfather came through and he was describing his life as I knew it, talk about validation. 


The connections for others were just as amazing. 

Book this lady I tell you she is the real deal. 

I feel totally loved by my grandfather in a totally different way.


June 2017 - Prue, Qld

I had a reading with Karina, The lady in red recently and I highly recommend her.  She is a great medium.

Love and light.

July 2017 - Rosheen QLD

I recently both witnessed Karina demonstrate mediumship to a group and experienced a private reading with her. 


Having seen a number of high profile international mediums demonstrate over the years and I can say that the quality of mediumship that is so natural for Karina is of superior quality. 


Karina also has extremely high ethics to her work and the depth of her connection to the spirit world allows a level of detail in the communication to be profoundly healing. 


This leaves no doubt that the soul continues after this physical life. 


If you get the opportunity to experience Karina's mediumship, take it!

 Sunshine Coast,

Queensland, Australia


Karina Webb

Psychic Medium

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